C++ Game Programmer | Goldmark Studios Vancouver
Posted: 30 May 2013 22:57
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Occamy Games Inc./Goldmark Studios are seeking for Senior Software Engineer to work remotely from home with team in Canada on games for IOS, Android & Windows phones/tablets.

Successful candidate will:
• Have expert C++ knowledge and experience
• Demonstrate hard work ethic
• Work well within a team
• Have strong desire/drive to learn new things and perfect their skills

Applicant with following will have an advantage:
• Good math and physics knowledge
• Experience using graphics APIs (DirectX & OpenGL-ES)
• Experience with programming games or other interactive applications
• Objective-C, Java, PHP, MySQL languages
• Math, CS, or Engineering degree
• Fluent in English

Candidate would work directly with the lead engineer on one of the games or in support of our technology development. This is an opportunity to work in many different areas of game development. Depending on the candidate’s knowledge and skills this may include work on engine systems, physics, graphics rendering, UIs, gameplay and controls, client-server networking, server database system etc.

Occamy Games Inc./Goldmark Studios members worked for compaines like Rockstar, Radical, and EA and on games such as Max Payne 2/3, Prototype, Bully, Need for Speed…

More info here: http://bit.ly/16tySzs